With versatility, durability and charm, floorboards are the new must have material in accessorising and styling your home. Contemporary interior design utilises floorboards in an array of easily customisable opportunities to redesign your home and flex your creative muscles while you’re at it. Once you get started with these ideas, you’ll find it hard to stop.

One of the world’s most beautiful countries is just a flight away. New Zealand’s snowcapped mountain ranges, hot springs, and sapphire waters have cemented its place as a top holiday destination. To match the diversity of the visitors to the country, a great range of accommodation options have emerged. If you’re looking to visit New Zealand, check out these 5 top accommodation choices and make your trip one to remember.

How about an adventure surrounding some of the best minds of America. Visit their hometowns and explore the culture that spills out into the streets. The American author is someone who always makes the top 100 list, they write marvellous, compelling, humorous and down right dark things. But they are the foundations upon which American history was built. America’s best writers are made up of various movements of people, across the country.

While travelling overseas, you’re sure to encounter the odd duty free shop. Well known as retailers of cheap alcohol, there’s so much more to the airport duty free shop than first meets the eye. From exclusive products and much appreciated convenience, there are so many reasons why duty free shopping is the best kind of shopping.

If you’re not familiar with New Zealand, the island is split up into two smaller islands, North and South. Both pull their weight in fun activates, things to do, and amazing adventure, but you may be wondering what is the difference, or which one should I visit?

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it’s just so much easier to skip a breakfast or two just to squeeze in a bit more sleep. For those who lack an appetite in the morning, and simply can’t wake up that much earlier to cook a hearty breakfast, you may find healthy morning smoothies the most enjoyable and satisfying breakfast. It takes no more than a few minutes to whip up a tasty fresh smoothie before you head out the door to start off your day with a bang. You can prepare your ingredients the night before and store them neatly in your fridge, ready for you the next morning. The possibilities with smoothies are endless, but here’s a few delicious ideas to get you started.

This popular drink is a favourite of any bar and is renowned for its bold fusion of sour and sweet. Famously served in a salt rimmed glass, this boozy drink is perfect for when you’re at a party, or just relaxing at home. Margaritas are so popular that they’re often sold premixed at many restaurants, but the traditional margarita still takes skill to make. This is a great recipe to ensure you get that famous flavour every time.

There are so many different skincare and makeup brands operating across the globe that it’s quite tricky to know which items you should add to your beauty bag and which you should leave on the shelf. I’ve done the hard yards and have chosen the top 7 skincare and makeup items that I think you should be trying today.

If you’ve conquered Europe or travelled to all 50 States in America, and you’re looking for new territories to explore, you might want to consider travelling east. Here are 5 cities you must visit if you're in the Asia-Pacific region.

When dirt biking, safety is everything. It can mean the difference between a few days of rest after a harsh fall, or a few weeks in a hospital bed. When it comes to keeping yourself safe, and keeping your rides fun and smooth, this article all the information about all the best motocross gear in Australia that you might need.

The school term is over and suddenly your house is full of playing children. The school holidays are a time of celebration for children but often become stressful for parents who struggle to entertain them for the break. If you live in Sydney, or are planning to travel there for the holidays, there are a number of activities that will occupy not only your kids, but yourself as well.

With so many types to choose from, flooring may be the most difficult decisions to make when designing your dream home. Although marble and granite flooring have been most popular choice in the past years, timber flooring has slowly but surely taken over the interior design industry with its reliable durability and versatile variety. Here are 5 reasons why flooring, without a doubt is your best flooring option.

Traveling around the worlds adds up quickly. Take advantage of these tips to save a little money on your next advenuture.

When most people think of duty free stores, alcohol is generally the first thing that comes to mind. While alcohol is a big seller for these type of shops, it’s likely that you’ll be surprised at what else you can find in stock!

Using your scope correctly as a hypnotist should reveal that having clients wanting to quit smoking will be the majority of your practice. In the 21st century, it’s becoming more commonplace to overcome issues and addictions with alternate therapy. And when society thinks of hypnosis they think of stop smoking. With this in mind here is everything you need to know about smoking cessation using hypnosis, and how to dramatically increase the success of your sessions.